North Of South: Just Fourteen Seconds New Single "Just Fourteen Seconds"
Featuring Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ)
[June 11, 2021]
North Of South: Just Fourteen Seconds

The project

NOS proposes a very own personal and free interpretation of Progressive Metal, with a contemporary sound and proud of its Spanish, Mediterranean and Latin musical heritage.

Metal Roots

This project emerges from a total passion and respect for Metal, a genre so versatile that can be dense and heavy, but also light and malleable.

Risk And Fusion

Without no-go areas. North of South doesn’t renounce sometimes taking secondary roads (Jazz, Pop, Death Metal, Progressive Rock, Latin Music).


“New Latitudes” addresses issues such as the captivating and cruel duality of human beings: unstoppable creative force and fragile entity of the Universe. A blink of an eye of eternity.



To give in to immobility of dogmatism is, in some way, accepting our own intellectual death. To be alive is making questions, wondering about the world, exploring it, choosing the unexpected alternative.

What the media have said about North of South's debut album, New Latitudes

It's too good, North Of South aims at a great musical destination, where they could be a watershed in Metal

RTMB Music

North Of South and their debut album, “New Latitudes”, are really redefining what Metal can be

Overdrive Music Magazine

North of South will be a progressive metal / rock act talked about in circles of the internet community

Dead Rhetoric

Chechu Nos is a man to watch moving forward. Easily, one of my favorite releases of 2018

Metal Utopia

A work that gives off excellence all around. A delicatessen

Zeppelin Rock

A unique and exceptional sound


I think it’s safe to say this is truly a different kind of metal

Ever Metal

This is one of the few supposedly experimental releases that, however, gets you hooked at the first attempt and infects you like a body without immune system

World Of Metal


Some pictures taken along the journey

Making Of
Photo Shoots
Photo Shoots
Photo Shoots
Photo Shoots
Making Of
Making Of

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Shaping "The Dogma and The Outsider"

Just like North of South's debut album, “New Latitudes”, "The Dogma and The Outsider" Ep was recorded at Zoilo Unreal Studios (Marín, Pontevedra, Spain) and produced by Zoilo Unreal (Unreal Overflows, The Anthagonist, Unhuman Nature) and Chechu Nos.

Official Music Video

We Refused To Hear Them (It's Our Song)

Directed by Hristijan Konesky, 2019

Official Lyric Video

Ember Remains

Created by Andy Pilkington, 2019

Official Music Video

Nobody Knows

Directed by Hristijan Konesky, 2018

Official Lyric Video

The Human Equation

Created by Andy Pilkington, 2018

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